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Tips for Selecting a Pasadena Divorce and Child Custody Attorney


During a divorce, parents often disagree about various issues, including child custody matters, what to do with marital property and assets, and even how best to negotiate an end to the marriage.

Both you and your ex will likely need experienced legal representation to protect your property and rights and prevent problems from arising during and after the divorce. Below, we’ve compiled five smart tips to assess prospective attorneys.

5 Steps to Choose a Qualified Pasadena Divorce Attorney

    1. Identify what you want before you assess candidates. You probably want an attorney with a solid track record and excellent ethics who’s located conveniently nearby. But else do you expect from your attorney? What would be deal breakers? A neat way to determine your parameters is to imagine assigning the task of hiring your lawyer to a random person, such as a co-worker or even stranger off the street. What rules would you tell that person? For instance:


  • I need to be able to speak with the attorney directly and to have easy access to the firm’s resources.
  • I want a lawyer who has lots of experience specifically with my type of divorce (e.g. one involving multiple children or a high net worth divorce).


    1. I want someone whose values and style resonate with my own.
  1. Cast a wide net for referrals. Seek advice from family and friends. Ask for referrals from others who have been through similar experiences when a marriage ends. Use the internet to research options or even the Yellow Pages. Use the guidelines you developed in the first step to sort good candidates from ones who don’t fit your profile.
  2. Research the firms that seem like a potential match in greater detail. Check online reviews, and scour the websites and social media profiles of those who seem like a good fit.  
  3. Choose a few potential candidates (no more than three or four) and meet with them in person. While you might find preliminary information from others or online, nothing beats a face-to-face interview when you’re considering hiring a lawyer. Print out a list of questions before the meeting, and make sure you get them all answered. Pay attention both to the substance of what the attorney says as well as his or her style and office. Find someone who shares your philosophy, and trust your intuition. Ask questions like:
    • What experience do you have negotiating or litigating divorces like mine?
    • What percentage of your cases consists of divorce matters?
    • What percentage of your cases goes to trial?
    • Do you do a lot of mediation and/or collaborative cases?
    • What kinds of clients do you typically represent?
    • Will I be working with you directly or with associates?
    • What should I expect for my case in terms of process and timeframe?
    • How much do your services cost, and how does payment work?

4. Once you pick your attorney, take time to get to know him or her and the team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up if you don’t understand something about the process.

Please consider adding our firm to your list of prospective Pasadena divorce attorneys. Call or email us to set up a consultation.

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