Refund Policy

At Kearney & Baker, we have dedicated our careers to providing outstanding client service to men and women facing family law challenges, and we always endeavor to reach the best possible outcome for our clients, knowing they have entrusted us to do just that. Of course, there are typically multiple adverse parties in family law matters who often have conflicting goals, and it is both impossible and indeed unethical under the California Rules of Professional Conduct for an attorney to guarantee results in a given legal matter.

If you have a concern about a billing and/or services you have received, we would like to hear about it. While we do not provide refunds or discounts based on the outcome achieved in a particular representation, we strive for complete accuracy in our billing and efficiency in the work conducted on your behalf. If you believe a mistake has been made on your bill or are concerned about the services provided, please contact the primary attorney who represented you to discuss your concerns. All refunds must be approved by the primary attorney.