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Advantages of Mediation in a California Divorce

Pasadena Family Law Mediation Attorney

Resolving Family Law Issues Through Mediation

“Mediation” and “divorce” can sometimes feel like opposing concepts to those divorcing couples new to mediation. After all, if two people have decided that they cannot make their marriage work going forward, how can they be expected to work together to resolve tricky legal matters during a marriage, right? Wrong. While the divorce mediation process can certainly involve some challenges, those challenges are often far less stressful, costly, and damaging than the ongoing consequences of litigating divorce matters in court. Furthermore, it is critical to understand that you do not have to do mediation alone. The whole concept of mediation is based around both spouses working with a family law specialist who has the expertise and experience of working with many spouses in the exact same financial and emotional positions as you, and helping you to resolve your divorce-related issues that minimizes stress, cost, delay, and ongoing emotional strife for you and your children after the marriage.

The certified family law specialists at Kearney | Baker in Pasadena, California navigate clients through the divorce mediation process, either as mediators working with both spouses or representing individual spouses before another mediator. Below are a few of the primary advantages of mediation in divorce they have seen time and again over their decades of experience.

You and Your Spouse Can Reach the Outcome That Works Best for You

In mediation, your mediator will carry out two primary functions: 1) explaining to both you and your spouse in a clear and non-divisive manner how a California court would likely address matters relating to property distribution, spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation; and 2) help you and your spouse work towards a mutually beneficial settlement agreement that is fair in light of California law and serves both of your needs. The alternative to a settlement agreement is arguing these matters in front of a California family law judge overseeing many cases at one time, and who will impose orders of his or her own making, not yours.

You Can Minimize Costly Legal Bills

Litigating all of the issues that arise in a divorce – property distribution, spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation – can be quite costly, as you will generally have to pay hourly attorney rates to prepare and submit filings and motions to the court on these issues and then appear in court on your behalf to argue them, with no guarantee of obtaining the outcome you prefer. With mediation, you will work with a mediator to resolve all of these matters and then submit your settlement agreement to a judge for approval, thereby minimizing all those costly legal bills.

You Can Keep Your Divorce Issues Private

Because divorce trials are a matter of public record and litigated in open courtroom hearings, litigation is often intrusive into highly personal matters. By working with a mediator, you can talk about any personal issues that need to be addressed in a confidential setting and submit a settlement agreement that does not bring any of your private matters into the public arena.

You Can Reach Your Preferred Divorce Outcome Quickly

Divorce litigation is not only costly, but can often involve multiple courtroom hearings, each one of which might be weeks and even months into the future. A divorce mediator works on your schedule and can help you resolve issues far more quickly than in litigation, so you can avoid uncertainty and obtain the divorce quickly in order to move on with your life.

You Can Minimize Stress On You and Your Children

Putting all of this together, a reduction in the amount of cost, delay, public airing of private matters, and uncertainty can provide enormous benefits in reducing the current and ongoing stress you and your children will encounter in the divorce process.

Help in Your California Divorce Mediation

The Pasadena family law attorneys at Kearney | Baker work with clients across Southern California can assist in acting you as a mediator for your divorce or in representing you through a mediation. For help with any family law matter you are facing, please contact the experienced, compassionate family law attorneys at Kearney | Baker today at 626-768-2945.

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