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Pasadena Family Law Judgment Appeals Attorneys

If you have received a family law judgment that you believe is in error, or if you won your family law case but it is being appealed, you should visit Kearney | Baker, in Pasadena, California.

Our attorneys handle appeals related to divorce, child support and child custody, and orders to pay another attorney’s fees, among others. We offer the legal knowledge and abilities needed to successfully pursue large and complex family law appeals. We also investigate the alternatives and consider post-judgment motions.

To discuss your court order with an experienced family law appeals attorney, please contact us today.

Pasadena Family Law Judgment Appeals Lawyers with 60 Years of Experience

We have a 64-year history of challenging family law decisions on appeal. Notably, we served as appellate counsel in the case of In re Marriage of Laudeman, which established the circumstances in which a child support order may be modified.

Judgments in family law cases cannot be appealed just because you disagree with the decision. Appeals must be based on a mistake in the application of the law. Cases can only be appealed after the final judgment is rendered. We will thoroughly review your case and advise you of all your legal options.

California Family Law Attorneys Prepared to Study the Situation and Make Qualified Recommendations

When you present us with a possible case, we study your request for an appeal and determine whether it is viable. Our initial consultation can benefit you, even if no appeal is ultimately filed. After we know all the facts, we can advise you if an appeal is or is not in your best interest, and as to whether modifications are necessary. If there are grounds for appeal, we will begin the kind of exhaustive preparations for which we are well-known.

Timing of the appeal is an important factor. Deadlines must be met. With Kearney | Baker, you can be confident we will handle your case effectively.

San Gabriel Child Support and Custody Appeals Lawyer

We are available to listen to your concerns regarding a potential divorce appeal or other family law court order in question. If you are considering an appeal of any aspect of your case, talk to a family lawyer who cares. Contact us by phone, fax, email or online.

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