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Divorce and Social Security

Experts tell us that older people are getting divorced more often these days than was the case in previous generations. When a long-term marriage ends in divorce, it is especially important for whichever spouse was more financially dependent to be sure that no sources of retirement benefits are overlooked.

As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” Divorce is one of those situations in life where this adage shows itself to be true. Many of the details associated with divorce carry weighty consequences if they are not addressed. Property division and alimony court orders will most likely take into account the fact that you relied on your husband or wife for support during most of your marriage. One other key issue related to your divorce that you may need a family law attorney’s help with is that of Social Security benefits.

Family Law Attorneys Offer Advice On Divorce And Social Security

Talk to your family law attorney for help and advice with regard to Social Security benefits that you and/or any minor children may be entitled to in the short term or once you reach retirement age.

Can’t you simply deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your own and apply for Social Security benefits that you qualify for? Yes, you can, but instructions provided by the SSA are often confusing for people with family law questions in mind such as divorce.

In our family law practice of more than 60 years, we have encountered many clients who were grateful for guidance and assistance in this matter. For this reason, we make sure that clients retaining us for representation in a California divorce are fully aware of how to tap into Social Security benefits based on a former spouse’s lifetime income.

Are You Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits Or Survivor Benefits?

At the law offices of Kearney | Baker, our thorough and customized family law practice includes individualized advice on matters. We can advise you as to what benefits you are entitled to and when you can apply for Social Security benefits based on a spouse’s income in connection with a divorce or when a spouse dies.

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