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Five Tips for Preparing for Divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce, there are some steps that you should take before submitting the paperwork. By taking the time to prepare beforehand, you place yourself in the best position financially, emotionally, and psychologically to handle the process of divorce.

Tip 1: Collect and Organize Documents

The first step is to organize and collect all relevant documents necessary for your divorce. Most of these items are financial in nature, such as all W2s, paystubs, bank statements, credit card statements, and mortgage statements. Gather your passport, social security card, driver’s license, and any other documents that you might need once you file for divorce.

Tip 2: Get Your Finances in Order

You should also get your finances in order before filing for divorce. Make a budget so that you understand how much money you need to live on monthly and create a financial plan. If possible, start setting money aside for the costs associated with divorce. Reduce all unnecessary spending and do not make any large purchases prior to the divorce.

Tip 3: Document Your Marital Lifestyle

You should also document your marital lifestyle. This can help with the allocation of spousal support and can have an effect on the distribution of property. Keep track of the family finances, including assets, debts, and expenses. Record any domestic issues, including abuse or infidelity. These records can be helpful when negotiating some issues of your divorce.

Tip 4: Prepare for a Custody Dispute

One of the most contentious aspects of any divorce is usually the issue of child custody and visitation. Begin keeping a journal of you and your children. What daily responsibilities or tasks are yours, and what decisions do you make for your children on a daily basis? Who takes them to appointments and extracurricular activities? If there are relevant domestic abuse or substance abuse issues with your spouse, retain copies of all incident and medical reports. All of this information is relevant to the ultimate determination of child custody.

Tip 5: Put Together Your Team

Once you have everything else in order, the last step is to put together your team for the divorce. This process can feel overwhelming if you try and do everything alone, so having a team of people to help you legally, financially, and emotionally is critical. You need an experienced divorce attorney, financial adviser, and family members to help you through this time. Consider also adding a therapist, realtor, child psychologist, and any other professionals who can help make this process as smooth as possible.

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Filing for divorce is never easy, but preparing for divorce can help make the process easier and more efficient for you and your loved ones. Call the office or contact us today in Pasadena at Kearney Baker to speak with one of our expert California divorce attorneys now and learn more about how our office can help.

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