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5 Ways to Find the Right Pasadena Child Custody Attorney

As a concerned parent who needs skillful representation in your child custody case, you have a daunting number of choices. How should you choose the right attorney (for you and your family) to fight for your child’s interests and pursue action in a strong, yet ethical manner?

Factors That Distinguish Excellent Pasadena Child Custody Attorneys

When you seek out a custody attorney, find someone who can demonstrate:

  1. Significant experience successfully handling similar child custody cases. Remember: not all experience is created equal. An attorney who has practiced law as a generalist for 20 years may lack the credentials or knowledge of specific laws or processes to provide the right type of help. Look for an attorney who speaks to you with authority and easily addresses your questions with verifiable facts and figures.
  2. The right moral foundation. Some attorneys will represent anyone who pays their bills. Others maintain a strong ethical background and will fight hard for a child’s best interests. In cases of child abuse and false allegations of child abuse, the ethics of an attorney can go a long way in the investigation/discovery phase of a case. You do not want an unprepared attorney walking into an abuse case.
  3. A transparent fee schedule. Exceptional attorneys are not free, but yours should never hide fees in complex pricing arrangements. Child custody attorneys may request a retainer and then use a flat fee schedule or hourly rates. Look for a professional who talks you through the actual costs and who will help you create a realistic budget.
  4. The right fit. An attorney may favor compromise and arbitration or litigation. Depending on your family’s case, you may need certain strengths in an attorney or a well-rounded mix. Pick the attorney who most closely aligns with your preferences.
  5. A methodical approach. During child custody battles, your whole life may undergo public scrutiny. The courts may look at your financial situation, medical and psychiatric histories, what you do for fun, employment situations, and how you normally interact with your child. The right attorney will constantly look for misrepresentations and correct them quickly.

Instead of going online to find a highly rated custody attorney from a pay-to-play site or relying solely on the advice of friends and family, we recommend speaking with a few different attorneys through free consultations. Research the individuals on LinkedIn and on their websites, and soberly review their firms’ approaches to child custody cases. Draft a list of questions to ask during your consultations, and write down the answers you get. Once you’ve interviewed the candidate attorneys, go over your notes and also consider your intuition before making your selection.

If you are facing a child custody battle, the team at the Law Offices of Kearney Baker can help. Reach out to us for an initial legal consultation at 626.768.2945.

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