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At the Law Offices of Kearney Baker, we know how complicated and emotionally charged child custody cases can be for all involved. When parents in Pasadena get divorced or separated, California courts must make decisions about child custody. We want you to go into the process, understanding how child custody cases work in California courts.

When negotiating child custody cases, parents should not consider their child an asset or a bargaining tool. Our compassionate attorneys help parents find solutions that always put the best interests of their children first. Like you, we want your case to be the best resolution possible for you and your loved ones.

Our skilled child custody lawyers in Pasadena focus on the particular needs of each and every family, and the unique circumstances under which parents file for divorce and seek child custody arrangements. When you are going through a complex or contentious child custody case, our attorneys are here to help. We develop tailored approaches to meet the individual needs of every family we serve. We will use our decades of combined experience to guide you through every stage of your child custody case.

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What are the Different Types of Child Custody?

There are two types of custody — legal and physical:

  • Legal Custody: Many parents share joint legal custody, which means they both have the right to make important decisions about their child’s upbringing.
  • Physical Custody: Physical custody involves providing day-to-day care and overnights for the child. Physical custody may be shared, as well.

Who is the Custodial Parent?

The determination of the custodial parent depends on where the child spends most of his or her physical custody time. Whichever parent has the child more often is considered the custodial parent, and the parent with whom the child spends less time is the noncustodial parent in joint custody situations. This also applies in sole custody situations in which the parent who retains custody of the child is considered the custodial parent.

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Child custody cases are some of the most complicated legal matters we handle, and the range of emotions involved can be intense. Our Pasadena child custody attorneys know how difficult it is to go through a child custody case, and it may seem impossible to reach an agreement with your ex. Yet, in our combined 70 years of experience, we have found that many options exist for families. Our attorneys will do everything to ensure that California’s child custody law works for you.

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