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What to Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Abuse in a California Family Law Proceeding

It is not at all uncommon for matters to get ugly in a California family law proceeding, whether in a divorce proceeding, custody or visitation matter, restraining order request, request for modification of child support or spousal support, or termination of parental rights. Accusations of abuse – against spouses, ex-spouse, and children – are often involved, and they can play a significant role in a judge’s ruling in any of the aforementioned matters. Because of this, it is also not uncommon for there to be false accusations of abuse leveled against spouses and parents as part of an attempt to get a judge to rule favorably or intimidate the other party. This is, of course, horrifying, but there are things you should and should not do when facing false accusations of abuse.

Don’t Attempt to Confront Your Accuser

In most cases of false accusations of abuse, the person who is making the accusation knows that what he or she is saying is not true. Generally what they are trying to do is either: 1) convince the judge of the lie; and/or 2) get you to do something stupid in response which will hurt you even more.

Thus, attempting to tell them at ever greater volumes that they are incorrect and even lying is probably not going to change their approach.  It is even possible they could be taping you and trying to get you enraged in order to say something or do something that they can use against you.

Understand That Judges Often Deal With False Accusations

Your typical California family court judge has been around the block a time or two and is quite conscious of the fact that false accusations are indeed common, and most have the ability to question the facts presented to determine whether accusations are baseless or not. That said, you will likely to need to help the judge in this regard by presenting facts in your favor, which lead us to our last point…

Work With an Attorney Who Can Present Your Case

You are of course allowed to talk on your own behalf in court, but the vast majority of parties do not understand how to best present the facts that a judge wants and needs to know to find in your favor on an issue dealing with a false accusation of abuse. Such accusations are again a common part of family law cases, and an experienced California family law attorney can present your side of the story in a cool, compelling, and convincing manner to the judge.

Pasadena Family Law Attorneys On Your Side

The Pasadena family law attorneys at Kearney | Baker work with clients across Southern California in helping them reach the best possible results for parents and children alike in family law matters. For help with any family law matter you are facing, please contact the experienced, compassionate family law attorneys at Kearney Baker today at 626-768-2945.

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