Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Contested Divorce in California

Filing for divorce is never easy, and there are many questions that can arise during the process. One of the most common questions asked is whether you need to hire a lawyer to handle your divorce case. If you are filing for an uncontested divorce in California, you might be able to manage the case yourself. However, if even a single issue exists between you and your spouse that leads to a contested divorce filing, you need to hire an experienced California divorce lawyer to take on your case. To learn more about how our team of legal professionals can help with your divorce case, call or contact Kearney Baker today to schedule a consultation.

Emotions Can Run High

The entire process of divorce is rife with stress and emotion. It is completely natural and expected that you and your spouse may have emotions running high, especially when discussing issues that matter most to you, such as who gets primary custody of the children or who keeps the marital home. You need someone by your side who always has your best interests at heart and can emotionally separate from the issues at hand. An experienced divorce attorney can work through the emotion to provide you with logical and honest advice about the issues. An attorney can also talk with you before divorce negotiations begin to understand what issues matter most to you and negotiate your contested divorce with those matters in mind.

Decisions Can Change

Even if it seems like you and your spouse are in agreement on the main issues, decisions can change. Even a small change on an issue can reopen negotiations in areas you believed were settled and have ripple effects on the rest of your case. This can cause serious conflict and could ultimately alter more than one area of your divorce agreement. To help navigate these changes, you need a divorce attorney by your side who knows how to handle the situation. An attorney can explain all of your options and provide you with solid legal advice.

Certain Issues Can Go to Trial

If a solution cannot be reached through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, certain issues may go to trial. Significant questions like property distribution, spousal support, child custody, visitation, and child support can all go to trial in front of a judge and jury. Only an experienced divorce attorney should handle divorce matters that go to trial. Attempting to handle a trial without a lawyer could ultimately be devastating for your case and could result in you losing significant property or time with your child in the finalized divorce agreement.

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If you are filing a contested divorce in California do not risk your future by trying to handle the case yourself. Call the office or contact us today at Kearney Baker in Pasadena to schedule an evaluation of your case with one of our experienced divorce attorneys now.