Why Divorce Mediation Might be Right for You

When most people think of filing for divorce, they imagine traditional, litigated divorce that happens in a courtroom. However, one option that has grown significantly in popularity as an alternative to traditional divorce is divorce mediation. In California, divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that takes the divorce negotiation out of the courtroom and focuses on finding compromise to your divorce issues. At Kearney Baker, our team of experienced divorce attorneys is prepared to represent your interests in a divorce mediation and advise on whether this option may be best for you.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a method of divorce that utilizes a neutral third party, known as a mediator, to help settle unresolved issues in your divorce through compromise and unique solutions that fit your family. Each spouse comes to the mediation with their own attorney, and the mediator discusses the most significant matters with each side. The mediator then provides the space for the couple to find a solution that works for them both, as opposed to the “me versus you” mentality of litigated divorce. Even if the mediation ultimately fails, everything said and discussed remains confidential and cannot be disclosed to the court.

Providing Privacy for High Income Couples

Couples with high net incomes or inherited wealth should consider utilizing divorce mediation. Unlike litigated divorce in court, which is on the record and available for the public to access, it's completely confidential. This means that all discussion and negotiation about assets remains out of the public eye. It also keeps documents like prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, financial statements, or other private documents from being accessed and published by the media.

Laying the Foundation for Future Co-Parenting

Divorce mediation is also a recommended option for couples that are divorcing with minor children. Parents will have to continue to communicate once the divorce is finalized, and lays a foundation of open and civil communication between spouses. Unlike traditional divorce, which pits each spouse against one another in court, focuses on compromise, which leads to less animosity after the divorce is finalized and makes it easier for parents to communicate civilly about their children.

Faster and Cheaper Than Traditional Divorce

One final benefit of divorce mediation is that the process is typically faster and cheaper than traditional divorce. The mediation takes place on your schedule, not the court’s, which means that the initial mediation and any subsequent meetings can be planned quickly and efficiently. Mediation also usually costs less, as significantly less time is needed to collect and review documents, communicate with the other party, and navigate the court system to finalize your divorce, which in turn means less in attorneys’ fees.

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