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Drug Testing and Custody/Visitation in California

Drug and alcohol use is a common source of conflict in marriage and co-parenting situations. Certainly, abuse of drug and alcohols can affect a parent’s ability to raise their child, and may even put the child at the risk of abuse or neglect. But, at the same time, California places keeping parents and children together..

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Divorce background with broken heart and message on wooden, unhappy marriage and adultery problem make stress life, society issue in modern lifestyle

How Will Our Assets Be Divided in a California Divorce?

One of the primary financial consequences of divorce in California is that a couple’s assets will be divided between the two of them. California follows a property distribution system called “community property” which divides all of a spouse’s assets into community property and separate property. This can be relatively straightforward in some cases and deeply..

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Do Children Get to Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With in a CA Divorce?

One of the most emotionally stressful and divisive issues in a divorce is determining where the children will live following the dissolution of the marriage. Divorcing couples can come to an agreement on issues of legal custody and physical custody which can then be approved by a judge (this is the case with practically every..

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