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Pasadena Family Law And Divorce Attorney

Family law issues often present significant challenges. At Kearney | Baker, we are proud of our more than 60-year history of providing family law service to clients in the Greater Pasadena area. We aim to implement effective customized, effective legal solutions. Attorneys Kearney and Baker are certified specialists in family law, certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. We are prepared to address your divorce, child custody, stepparent adoption or other family law matter from the benefit of our extensive experience and well-cultivated storehouse of knowledge.

Family law firm Kearney | Baker in Pasadena, California, is located very near the motion picture studio capital of the world, Hollywood. We are familiar with the movie story staple known as the “happy ending.” A happy ending in your family law case may mean a resolution that meets your needs. We are prepared to advocate diligently on your behalf and push for a settlement that serves your best interests.

Pasadena Family Law And Divorce Lawyers

We Are Sensitive To Your Needs

How should you choose your California divorce attorney? Here are some qualities an outstanding family law firm and lawyer should bring to the job of protecting your interests: sensitivity, preparation, availability, legal know-how, and a commitment to economize.

We do what we can to save you money, regardless of the size of your marital estate. You may be approaching a high-asset divorce (perhaps including diversified investments, including real estate holdings, business interests, business ownership and complex retirement assets). Or you may be facing a divorce involving typical middle-class assets and incomes (perhaps including a family home, two cars, two jobs, and one or more bank accounts).

Whether your assets and income are high or more moderate, you should feel satisfied that your divorce lawyer did his or her best to facilitate a fair and reasonable property division and determination of alimony and/or child support. You should also end up with a clear understanding of where you stand with regard to child custody and visitation, Social Security and other important aspects of your family and financial life after the divorce.

As a client of Kearney | Baker, you can expect a lawyer-client relationship based on trust and communication. We listen intently to our clients before offering advice. We understand that there are critical emotional stages of a divorce for many people, and we know that our clients may be at any stage when they first contact us. We are ready to explain each step in the legal process and keep you informed of all developments, start to finish.

Experienced Family Law Representation
We Prepare For Your Case

The fact that we insist upon thorough advance preparation for all cases does not quite say it. It is something we demand of ourselves. You have placed your faith in us, so you deserve a lawyer who is ready for anything. The better prepared your case is, the less likely it will go to court. In stepparent adoption cases, we are meticulous and deliberate as we help clients take care of every requirement, including termination of parental rights as needed, to ensure that the adoption will be enforceable for all time.

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We Are Always In Touch

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